Textile Students

Is it any wonder I find time to work with students from other disciplines when they are so talented? This is the final year work of textile students Rhi (top left), Liz (top right), Caz (bottom left) and Abbey (bottom right).
TextilesI really enjoyed working with them and hope to collaborate with them again after graduation. Thank you for choosing me to shoot your work.

Always take a backup

This weekend saw me eating masses of chocolate, and photographing the wedding of my good friend Rachel Smith… I guess I better get used to calling her Rachel Sharpe now.

She booked me for the wedding quite a while ago, and I think I blogged at the time how honoured I felt that she had chosen me as she just graduated with a degree in photography last year and knows a lot of very talented photographers. But aside from a massive congratulations to Rachel and Aaron, that isn’t the point of this blog.

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One Flesh

Last Friday I was brought in by Naomi Sumner to photograph the rehearsal of her new play, One Flesh. I’ve known Naomi for many years, photographed her, taught her some kung fu and convinced her to be a lion, and on quite a few occasions discussed theology with her. We both come from the opposite sides of a theological divide, her a charismatic Christian and me an atheist, but we both really enjoy talking about it. One Flesh is a play which explores marriage equality and how that fits with Christian beliefs, so I knew I’d enjoy being there for the rehearsal.
The play is well written and acted, and doesn’t shy away from quoting scripture that undermines, or promotes a homophobic aversion to marriage equality. I knew it was well acted when I found myself wanting to argue with the characters, happily I managed to stop myself lol.

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Booked for a wedding

In 2014 I was brought in by TMAS Liverpool to photograph their Battle of the Forces event. This is a fight night they hold quite regularly and sees fighters from different police forces coming together to compete and raise money. Before the fights started I did some portraits of the competitors and Karl, one of the fighters wanted a shot doing of him and his girlfriend Gemma. Having a bit of a chat with them quickly led to the realisation that we know a lot of the same people as they train at Lowe Martial Arts which is a part of the CMAA, who I also train with. This is the shot I did of them, you can even see it on the wall at the Denton dojo:


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Getting published in the Telegraph

Last September I did a shoot with Rachel and Aaron, who’s wedding I’ll be photographing next month and was really pleased with the results. So when Rachel messaged me to let me know that one of the shots had been used in an article about student debt and the larger implications of debt, I was quite happy. Rachel knew I was fine with her using the images, I’d already granted them full usage. The shot that was supplied to the paper was this one:

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