Not something I was planning on blogging about but having just watched Fade by Kanye West I feel I just need to talk about it.


My work is all about the performance of gender and Teyana Taylor’s performance in the video is an astounding piece of work with references back to so many other strong female performers that it took my breath away. As it started I thought, ‘oh bloody hell, this is going to be a masogyinistic piece of bollocks’ and yes, the thong she wears is possibly a bit OTT but that is soon forgotten with the precision and strength of her dance.


I don’t think any criticism of sexualising Teyana stands up for long when held against the performance she gives and the references that have been worked into the video. The only bits where this falls apart, for me, is the shower scene at the end of the video. That struck me as a bit unnecessary.


In summary, for me the performance of gender is down to the performer and I feel that Teyana owned this performance.