The Amazing Randi!

As I’m sure I have previously mentioned, I have been given the task of watching lots of documentaries to really get a feel for how they are made and to further understand the voice. The voice is something I’ll go into more in a future voice…


The best bit about having to watch documentaries is that it is completely up to me which ones I choose, albeit with some that come recommended by tutors. This one however was one that I’ve been wanting to watch for a while as it is of particular interest to me and is all about James Randi’s expos√© of various charlatans and fraudsters over the years. I won’t list them as libel laws in the UK are not the best when you want to exercise free speech, so to find out who just watch the documentary Storyville Exposed:Magicians, psychics and frauds.


It’s a really well put together documentary and which tells the story with hardly any use of the makers voice but instead tells the story through Randi himself and through his friends and husband. This is a way of telling the story which I have not really explored so far and so will put some more thought into.