121 with Juliette MacDonald

Coming up to this one-to-one I was a bit unsure as to the point of it. Right at the front end of the module I didn’t really feel I had too much to show her but of course, I went in anyway as I enjoy talking with Juliette. My 121 wasn’t until half two so it was a good chance to go in early and really focus on some other work I needed to finish, such as the new poster  for my daughter’s dance school. 


I’ve just recently been actively looking into developing a shooting script for the documentary and I have now got the first draught sorted out. Not going to share it here because there are a few things I want to ok with Gemma first. But having written the first shooting script it did give me something to show Juliette along with footage of Gemma’s fight up in Strathclyde. 


The 121 went really well and Juliette has challenged me to really think about how I am framing this documentary. Is it about me and my exploration into women in the martial arts with Gemma as the main subject, or is it more about Gemma with the focus being away from me? Honestly, I still don’t know but am going to work up a couple of alternative scripts to help me think through the options. Another thing we talked about was the length of the documentary. Do I want a shorter more crafted work or a much longer piece with fewer edits? At the moment I’m leaning more towards a shorter piece with a website to support it with supplementary information.


So it was definitely worth my going in to see Juliette and make the most of bouncing ideas off of her. Thanks, Juliette!