Invisible Flock

Invisible Flock, (I could only see one of them, can 1 be a flock or were the rest truly invisible?) are an interactive arts studio based in East street studios, Leeds who create interactive digital artworks. They describe themselves as an “Interactive Design Studio”.


So what do they actually do? Well, from the lecture they appear to work a lot with the arts council to produce digital, online work that interacts with the physical world. One of the ares that sounded particularly interesting was the concept of embedding their work in the internet of things and this approach is allowing them to be proactive, not reactive in embracing new technologies and areas that have not been explored before. The other benefits if embedding seem to be:

  • To allow what they do to permeate across geographical boundaries.
  • To increase the reach of their projects without having to increase financial costs.
  • To increase participation in the development.


These three things are potentially massively beneficial to any artistic enterprises which are often constrained by how much you can afford to do, and who you can reach. Maybe there is something here for me to look at in terms of getting my work more widely seen but that is probably more relevant to the next part…


Which is the use mobile phones to host work.  Using mobile devises as platforms for artworks and projects is not a new concept but there has long been problems with the medium: 

  • Very unspecific, different devises have massively different screen sizes, ratios, power, colour pallets, etc.
  • The balance between form and function, how aesthetically pleasing is the program and how does that affect the usability of the app?
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates. Getting people to keep the work up to date, the data that this consumes and unexpected errors updates may create are unpredictable.
  • Lastly, where do these apps sit in the app store. Are they game or entertainment, is there even an option for an art category in the app store?



We were also told about the current projects that are ongoing and the global reach of the company which was fairly interesting, but unlike the above, it wasn’t massively relevant to my practice and so  won’t go into it here.


Thank you to the Invisible Flock team for sending a representative in to talk to us.