Feedback from Jo

The main thing we had to go into uni for today was a session with our tutor Jo, to go over the feedback we’d had from Orangebox. It was mostly a recap on what we’d had on the day from the Orangebox team so I won’t rehash my post about the presentation but it was interesting to get Jo’s input and to have a face-to-face meetup with the rest of the team and discuss where we were up to with our own research and the website. 


Finding the time to meet together when we are so widely dispersed and all busy with out own lives is a challenge and not conducive to working as a team. This is always a shortfall with ongoing collaborative work for university projects. You can play-pretend that you are a business without the luxury of it actually being a paying business and these exercises tend to get in the way of any real work being achieved. 

We have a second feedback session planned for next week with Jo so we’ll have to see where the pitch is up to then.