Always take a backup

This weekend saw me eating masses of chocolate, and photographing the wedding of my good friend Rachel Smith… I guess I better get used to calling her Rachel Sharpe now.

She booked me for the wedding quite a while ago, and I think I blogged at the time how honoured I felt that she had chosen me as she just graduated with a degree in photography last year and knows a lot of very talented photographers. But aside from a massive congratulations to Rachel and Aaron, that isn’t the point of this blog.

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘if things can go wrong, they will’ and this weekend served to prove that. (Before Rachel panics I should point out that all the pictures are fine!) Firstly, the assistant I usually take with me on weddings had gone on holiday to Australia, which was fine as he’d let me know ages ago. I would have asked my friend John from Versfeld Photography but he’s just had a baby and so I took on an assistant I hadn’t worked with before. Unfortunately she had to pull out a few days before and so I had to do a desperate phone around to try and get another assistant but with it being Easter weekend I had no look, and had to tackle the wedding alone. Fortunately it was a small wedding so it was easy for me to shoot solo.

The other thing to go wrong was my D600 breaking down for a good portion of the reception but having planned well I had a D800 with me and a D7000. So I switched to using those instead. So with backup kit and a bit of planning the day was a big success and I look forward to sharing some of the images with you all soon.

An extra special thanks to Ashley Layton who also graduated with a degree in photography last year and took one of my spare cameras off of me to get extra shots of the first dance. Ashley was there as a guest so I was glad she took the time out of celebrating to help me get a few more shots, or possibly it was just to get her hands on a D800 again.