One Flesh

Last Friday I was brought in by Naomi Sumner to photograph the rehearsal of her new play, One Flesh. I’ve known Naomi for many years, photographed her, taught her some kung fu and convinced her to be a lion, and on quite a few occasions discussed theology with her. We both come from the opposite sides of a theological divide, her a charismatic Christian and me an atheist, but we both really enjoy talking about it. One Flesh is a play which explores marriage equality and how that fits with Christian beliefs, so I knew I’d enjoy being there for the rehearsal.
The play is well written and acted, and doesn’t shy away from quoting scripture that undermines, or promotes a homophobic aversion to marriage equality. I knew it was well acted when I found myself wanting to argue with the characters, happily I managed to stop myself lol.

Actually photographing the rehearsal was a lot easier than the last time I did any theatre work. All the time shooting fight nights has obviously taught me a thing or two about shooting in awful lighting with out relying on lots of extra lighting that either slows down my work rate or ruins the atmosphere.

I won’t give any spoilers for the show, as I missed the second act as we needed to make sure we got some shots of the bit at the end where… never mind.

Here are a few of the images I did.

Unfortunately I can’t share some of my favourite shots yet as they would give too much away. Come and see the play instead: