Booked for a wedding

In 2014 I was brought in by TMAS Liverpool to photograph their Battle of the Forces event. This is a fight night they hold quite regularly and sees fighters from different police forces coming together to compete and raise money. Before the fights started I did some portraits of the competitors and Karl, one of the fighters wanted a shot doing of him and his girlfriend Gemma. Having a bit of a chat with them quickly led to the realisation that we know a lot of the same people as they train at Lowe Martial Arts which is a part of the CMAA, who I also train with. This is the shot I did of them, you can even see it on the wall at the Denton dojo:

Fast forward to January of this year and I was very pleased when Gemma messaged me to see if I do weddings. I do so I talked to her about the cost and what you get from me for that and sent her links to my work. I also told her to look at the work of other photographers as its a big day and you need to get the wedding photographer that is right for you. I was relieved to hear that they still wanted to book me for their wedding, in fact Gemma and Karl both like my style and want it for their special day. It may seem like a risk suggesting potential clients look elsewhere but I believe in choosing couples I can work with, and I know that will happen if the couple are confident in the photographer they have chosen.
So I met up with them and we discussed their big day, avoided being shot by nerf darts (mostly), had the pleasure of meeting their youngest child (possibly related to the nerf dart evasion), and went over the contract and now I look forward to shooting their wedding next year.
I just want to know if Gemma will choose a dress that will allow high kicks…