Getting published in the Telegraph

Last September I did a shoot with Rachel and Aaron, who’s wedding I’ll be photographing next month and was really pleased with the results. So when Rachel messaged me to let me know that one of the shots had been used in an article about student debt and the larger implications of debt, I was quite happy. Rachel knew I was fine with her using the images, I’d already granted them full usage. The shot that was supplied to the paper was this one:
What was a surprise though was to see that in the article itself another photographer, Charlotte Graham, had been credited with my work:
However, rather than going off all guns blazing I decided to check if the crediting had been in error and so I took to twitter to find  out. I messaged both Olivia Rudgard, who wrote the article, and Charlotte Graham and got a response from Olivia almost immediately to let me know that she’d contact the news desk and have it corrected, which they did:
Charlotte soon got back to me as well to make sure everything had been corrected and explain what had happened. Charlotte had been commissioned to do another shot of Aaron and Rachel in their home, with the noble Alfie (the german shepherd) and there had been a mix up as to which shots were whose. Charlotte even gave me a ring to make sure everything was ok and I had a nice long chat with her and got some good advice. It just goes to show what lovely people there are out there. Especially if you approach them in a friendly way.